Is there any way to get my location district?

is there any way in thunkable with which i can get the district of my active user in my app.

using location sensor or maps??

any way??

like in india we have states. then in states we have districts. i want to get user district or town/city with android location tarcker. please tell me any way.

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To determine the location coordinates use the Location component. To display the coordinates on the map use the Map component. Basic examples of their use can be found in the documentation:

To display the location of your users on the map, you must create a base of their coordinates which can then be displayed on the map as markers or areas. Use the Spreadsheet or RealtimeDB components to access the database.

You can ask users to specify their location, but they may refuse to do so.

bro i want to get city name of user…not location in map… like i want that location sensor send me location of user as text

No problems. Now we’ll think about it.

Is this a solution for you?

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Can you post the google map json link please

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