How to know reverse engineering

whether a hacker, is able to know that our application is made by thunkable x ?? Maybe it’s like reverse engineering. Thanks

Most likely yes. Back then on the App Inventor, the ‘about app’ field came pre-populated with the “made with App Inventor” caption (which I think you could override). I do not see the equivalent in X, but it is possible that it still leaves explicit information somewhere.
If you ‘open’ the .apk file for the Android, the structure and naming convention of the components used is readily apparent, and should be a strong hint already. Of course, how would a hacker get access to your .apk file in the first place is another issue.
But the bottom line is: why would it matter?
If someone is able to reverse engineer your code, then that someone is likely a much more capable programmer than you are and is probably able to write code that would run circle around yours anyway, and would have nothing to gain from your work.


They can dig out your API keys and links to data bases though. so if they found out the structure to thunkable apps, every single one that was created could potentially be at risk.