How to keep defaut sizes in canvas

hello community i hope you are doing well ? please i need help i can not keep defaut sizes in sprite type , when i test the app in ipad pro

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Please stop spamming. You have posted your question already now be patient and wait for a reply. You have been told in the past not to spam as well and have had topics deleted because of it.

what spamming you talking about im just asking a question can you read please what i have write

You are indeed spamming. You have created a topic to ask a question. You have then posted the same question again in the topic in order to bump it up to the top of the topic list. This is spamming.

All you should do is create a topic and wait for a reply. You shouldn’t be posting the same question in it again. Please be mindful of proper etiquette in future.

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listen i dont know how its work here im beginner so i dont know im just asking another time because i need help , so im sorry if i did mistake or something i will not ask anyone next time

Please don’t lie now.

You are not a beginner, you have been a member for over 2 years.

You have also been warned about this kind of behaviour before and had at least 1 topic deleted because of it.

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seriously ? listen i dont know how its work here in this group , i a dont have read any roles or something , im asking second time because nobody answer i dont know it was a spamming , don’t treat me like a liar because you dont know me , and if i did this mistake talk to me politically because your language is not professional , im here for work not for wasting my time with you , and i apologize if i did a mistake

Apology accepted.

In future please just post a question once. If you don’t get an answer just wait patiently. Everyone who comes here volunteers their time and not all questions get answered.

If no one answers it’s because no one knows the answer.

Now let’s not go off topic any more, and just wait and hope for an answer to your original question.

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Ok understood , thank you