How to integrate Admob ad in Thunkable

When I’m on the classic android I have option to add admob, but when on the cross platform I do not see admob option, is it available yet?

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i am also facing the same problem

Hello guys,

M very new to thunkable. plz guide me how to put admob ads in x.thunkable projects. I know how to put these in beta, but unable to find option in x.thunkable platform.

thanx in advance

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There is no admob component in Thunkable X yet.

admob is in thunkable x now

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I found this line in the admob article for thunkable. “While all Thunkers can add AdMob to their app projects and live test the ads in their apps, only PRO Thunkers can download and publish apps with AdMob.”

I could not understand what is really meant by, only pro thunkers can download the apps with admob? If an app user downloads it from google play, does he have to have a thunkable pro account to get to see ads?

All I want to make is a local community app; where the targeted people will get necessary information and thus be benefitted and there will be no revenue generating from the app user but I would expect to make a little income from the app probably through - people clicking ads. On this note do the users of my app have to be thunkable pro users to income through admob?(since it was mentioned that only pro thunkers can download the app with admob!)

You have to be Pro member


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Oops!! I have added admob with my own ad unitid and it was perfectly showing (after one hour creating admob unit id) since Saturday. Today morning it is not showing. I did nothing with my block.
what is the problem?


First day my admob still working and it’s can monetizing but then after 3 days it’s not showing up anymore how can I fix that?

It’s banner admob

Welcome to the community @thitipiyanuchitpremp!

Are you a Thunkable Pro member? The AdMob component is only available to Pro users.

If you do have Pro, you also need to submit your app for review before ads are able to be shown.

More info can be found here:

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Hey @thitipiyanuchitpremp - I can’t see you in our AdMob database, so that’s probably the reason.

In addition to Conor’s suggestions, can you please share your project link with us? Thanks!

Thank you for reply.I just know that my admob has been disable by google.

As you’re not a part of our Admob network, unfortunately I can’t offer you any advice here @thitipiyanuchitpremp

Are you a Thunkable Classic user? (Do you have an .aia file for your project?)

same thing happen to me, first my ads was not show then they disable saying invalid traffic i told them i only used the ads in test mode they did not care disabled

I recommend create new google account and try one more time.

No.I use thunkable X and I don’t have any AIA file.

@farhadkubd1 and @thitipiyanuchitpremp can you tell us a little more about which stores you are distributing your apps through and who many downloads you have on each?


Hey everyone - I noticed you all had questions about AdMob in the Community, so I’m grouping them here for better focus.

If you want to know more about using AdMob in Thunkable we have documentation and a YouTube video that you should review first.

We also have a private area in the Community for Thunkers who are part of our AdMob network - let me know if you want to get involved.

Hoping to keep everything in this topic focused on AdMob, let us know if you have any questions!

cc: @Technical_Expert @AcrobatEpee @ilhane_salane @Brainwork @Panacea_Apps @Manley00 @Jeffersonbb @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu @Jobs_espy @Rockingruni @Mehmud @ilyasalla150uuqg @farhadkubd1 @thitipiyanuchitpremp @kizzy

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Hi domhnallohanlon im sorry Im having trouble checking and trying admob beaing a classic user I see most of the videos they drag and drop “admob components” is that only available being a pro user , the “admob components” because as a classic user I would like ot try them out before I pay for a pro subscription , thank you.

Pay for one month then if you like like it you can pay for the yearly subscription.

Also there is no need to try out Admob. You already know what it is. It works, but the number if ads you get depends on the quality of your app.