How to add admob in thunkable x?

plz help me…how to add admob in thunkable x project app.There is no option to add the admob in thunkable x.Fix this problem…as early as possible…

This is not possible yet

If i were you i would just be patient. The developers are working as hard as they can. Pushing them won’t help. That is an illusion.

Hi there,

Just some more details on the AdMob side. We are looking to add this feature soon but due to some issues we had with developers complying with AdMob’s terms of service, we have to implement it differently than we have before.

This likely means that we will have to screen apps and developers to make sure they comply with the AdMob’s terms before we can whitelist them to use ads. Our friends at Google are really trying to ensure that their advertisers are getting value out of the ads shown on mobile and we unfortunately will not be able to continue offering the service without additional controls.


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First, thanks for the hard work in the X platform, and for the answer.

Second, this “control” for the admob component, will be only for the X platform or will be for the both platforms??

How about using different Ad providers or will the same issue happen?

since admob is now part of firebase
please create firebase ads.
by this , the genuine developers can also track invalid activity.
now a days genuine developers accounts are being suspended due to wantedly clicking of ads by same user.
please introduce firebase ads in thunkable classic android platform also