How To implement Multi-Language App


What’s the best way to implement a multi-language app?

I have about 10 screesn and 20 labels plus pop-ups on each of my screen. My original thought was tp put the translated texts in a localDB (local table) but getting data but LocalDB.getCell takes .497 secs plus Label.setText takes about 0.129 secs that means it will take 0.626 secs just to load the translated text. If I have 20 labels then that’s about 12 secs of just translating the label text.

Is there a better way to implement globalization in Thunkable X? Any suggestions?


Really? I mean…I get the maths, but does it really take 12 seconds on an installed app?

I just did the math which is a logical estimate to be able to make a decision. I haven’t implemented it because I want to know if there’s a better way first before I start doing code changes.

Is there a better way? Any suggestions? Any future enhancements coming to support multi-language and globalization?

I have’t actually looked into date and number and currency formating so there’s more work into this to make it available globally?

Any suggestions will help.


You are correctly thinking of using Local DB, but I find it hard to believe that Local DB.get and label.setText takes so much time. I have a Local DB.get is executed 10,000 times in 0.22 seconds. Do you have that much data?

I think you are using an inefficient algorithm because there is actually an option to make everything so slow.

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I’ll start doing some proof of concept using LocalDB by October and get back to you guys on performance.