Google Doc vs Language Change

I have a form and document (policies)
What’s the best way to change the language of the entire app. I’ve been researching through topics I am not wanting the users to type and then translate. I want them to read the data in their own language. What’s the best way and effective way without errors to accomplish this?

Hi there,

You will need to store every string of text in your project in all of the target languages. You can do this with Data Sources, or store the strings as Objects in the project.

When a Screen opens, you will need to set the text of all components to the correct language. This will take a second, so you may want to have a loading icon or other animation play when the screen opens, then display the components once the text has been set.

Localization is a lot of work, so I would recommend building a table or object will all of your strings in your primary language first. Then you can work with translators to build the database of strings for other languages in your app.