How to change spreadsheet data using an buttion from diffrrent screen

i have added an language feautures which contain four languages urdu ,spanish, and arabic , filipino , and i make spreedsheets for all of them like life hacks(urdu) life hacks (spanish ) but now i want your help on the what statement to put to to it let me give you a example :

if i select spanish its should gets the data from lifehacks(spanish) and the whole app language convert into spanish give me the statement how to do it

So you want to change language in all the app and retrieve data from database ? Spreadsheet? How you store data ?

here is it my project : Thunkable

Sorry i can’t see now . Anyway for translation there is a specific block (in speech block) and you can translate all the words to specific language. If you make a list with all the labels or textboxes you can set all the texts to the right language. You can use the any block to make a global and fast change.
For the database I have to know or see what you are using now and how you stored the data .

Probably this TUTORIAL can help you to start

here are screenshots :

you should check my project for better understanding,

This code works with spreadsheet ?you can retrieve data from database?
Is this app like a slide show or similar ?
So you want to translate the text after got it from spreadsheet or you have different column for different languages?
For app language I think you have to make a list with all the components (labels, textboxes,buttons) you want to translate and with the any block and translate component you can change all text with a procedure. If you have more than 1 screen you have to repeat the procedure in all the screens .
I hope to post an example as soon as possible

This is a little example but you can change it according to your needs
As you can see there may be some small translation error.
Clicca qui per scrivere → it-en–> click here to write (and not to mail )

Another way could be to save in the app or spreadsheet all the traslations of all the components, very hard work

in that way i have to make many screens for every languages, like for tech hacks, i have to make tech hacks(eng) tech hacks(spanish) and languages i want to add… but i dont want this method ,provide me the logic that can change my spreadsheet data in one screen without making new screens for every data

I added you a project in the last message, there is an example to made three button to change all your text using a translator , if you have also different image you have to add an additional code with an if control to set image .

Example :
If **language to ** = Italian then set image.picture to x.png
elfe if language to = English then set image.picture to y.png

Etc etc etc

Oh :sweat_smile: sorry
But you have just different screen with different languages?
If you haven’t to translate the content you have only to save the language inside e variable when user click the button .
So if click English button set variable to English.
When click the button to go in a screen you need a control if then else
If variable =English then navigate to English screen
Else If variable =Spanish then navigate to Spanish screen
Etc etc