How to acvhive this?

when user clicks on button it should change the data of label

Read the alert clicking the red triangle on the left

ignore this , this is not what i am asking

Good morning.
1- you are very kind
2- if I see a warning and you didn’t say nothing about this I have to ask you to help you
3- when and where you start the procedure?
4- you are able to get and save data from sheet ?
5- which is the value of the variable?
6- which database you are using?

this is just a example of what i want help in ,i have build an app name life hacks there are many categories like tech , travel more, and i stored the data in local storage, now i have also adedd new language version of those hacks like tech (spanish) travel (spanish ) by default its now getting value of lifehacks(english) ,i added button to change the value , like if user click in spanish it will change change the data which was using hack labels ,

Ok, so the database works? You are able to get data now ?
If the row id is correct , the block you are using in the example will work . You will get the all row about tech
What you get with this code ?

Bro i know this , and im getting the data , Why don’t you understand that its example, ignore this you just tell me how i can change the text label data when button isclicked please

As I said you


I think under the button you want to use

And remember that with local table you can’t use integer like row ID but you have to use the unique ID from table .

This is all I can tell you from your informations

send the example

Sorry I don’t understand what you are looking for.
You are speaking about how to get data or about a way to change language (and also get the right data )?

I want that when user click the button , it will change the value jn label , which data if from localstotage

Your attitude is pretty negative so you may push people away that would otherwise want to help you.

Have you tried just connecting the blocks in your screenshot so that when button1 is clicked, it sets the label’s text to get value...?

If you still have trouble with this, provide more details and post a link to your project.

See this: How to ask Great Questions v2.0


Hello again, I remember helping you heavily on this project a while back. Looks like you’ve come along way with what I’ve showed you. You did not do some of have the things I suggested, and I see you have a lot of pages again. All of this data can be viewed on one page. You can change background pics to the category you’ve selected and set the hacks list to the list of values of the accommodating language. I will give you an example in a few moments. And like @tatiang said, I almost didn’t even want to help you with your negative comment. Keep that in mind as people go out of the way to help others.


If I remember right you can’t modify that detail with code but you can create an if then else control to manage the data you want to get

Are you planning to add more languages? If you are this is going to be a headache to code and layout.

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, no i have done alot of big changes to my app , now i think its much prettty better then before , now problem is that i want to add more languages , and decrease the blocks

here is my updated project : Thunkable

(there are so many blocks so please take a look i hope you will realy understant what i want to and must ignore all other thing instead of languages) and yea i got lot of headache for this

and also im realy sory for my words

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Ok so I have the new version and this one has less pages. I’ll have an example in a few.

You just have to set the background pics for the hack menu for each category. I spent a long time on this haha.
DO NOT set the menu pictures. It will do it for you depending on the language.

im sorry why its show this, is it a bug ?(i dont know but its mostly show this whenever i open project)

@salmannawaz1724xjqj0 Try this one