How to acvhive this?

still not :confounded:

Sorry. Iโ€™ll try to send it tomorrow morning.

oke, but why this happpening,have any idea?

The project is 50.36 MB which is past the limit for a single project. But I was able to open the newest link posted above. Maybe your account doesnโ€™t have enough space to be able to open it.

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thanks alot

its working now thank you so much , you got this , its really what i wanted from lot of time, now can you explain a little what reverse enginearing you did to this app :sweat_smile:

1: I set a language variable and put in a language menu.
2: I put all the picture data in the menu language table.
3: When the Home Screen opens it sets the language pic for each category.
4: For each category, I made a function to accept an input list from the desired language table. This function sets the list variable, hides the main menu and reveals the hack menu.

I also changed this today.

how do i will edit menu language list? if i want to add or remove


I used a variable to set that list but you can definitely do it like that. Just erase the list of language variable.

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