How to I transform Firebase user_Id and dates/hours into a values

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I am learning how to read data from my firebase.

In my DB I have the “user_ID” and the “Date/hour” as part of the tree through which thunkable has navigate (path), to reach the value I am looking to read.

I need to change in my block those two fixed values into dynamic values so when the user, or de entry is different, I can still call the information.

Im slightly confused but If you need to keep those pieces of data untouched by the user so you can call them again you could call and save them into a “temp” variable OR use a hidden label to hold that info. Then when you go to re-write the new data you have the old info still available to use. If thats not what youre asking I am more confused than I thought.

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Can you post the JSON response as text? Make sure to format it using the </> button above your post.

First of all, thank you for your help. I am new to this and every time I enter thunkable is like entering a nightmare that challenges my frustration management.

Said that, and after reading you post, let me clarify better what I am trying to ask so you can help me better:

What am I trying to do= Create a Dynamic List per user.
Everytime a user add an entry (imagine a date on a calendar), the date appears on the list.
Later, if the user wants to update or erase the “date”, he just click on any of the field shown on the list and the information is called back to the “input fields”, where he or she can change it.

User add information to firebase through UI

User Save information and it appears into the list

When the user wants to update or erase any entry in the list, he/she makes a click on any field (blue) and the information appear on the UI at the top (first image). Where he/she can modify it and save it again, and the changes will be shown on real time on the list.

Putting everything together should see like this