Need Help to create a listView from get command on RealTime DB witgh dynamic key

i Have a DB schema on RealTime (List of access Login and password to different site)
organised by userID access
i need to create a list view only from site (not depending from UserID)

sorry for that, i’ve searched in many posts without a real and clear solution


should i put a star(*)to escape userID ?

other question ? how can i put the result in a list view without duplicate value ?
many thanks for your help

Here is another version of my FirePass app that stores the User ID in the “Website” object instead of in the path: Thunkable

Looks Like

Get List

Save Data

Daren !! are you realy daren who have the ThunkableX youtube channel ? how i’m lucky.
i follow your channel since a while. in fact, this is your example (relative to Firebase series)

any way, just a question, i see your cloud variable DONATIONS.
from where it’s alimented?

waaw, it’s OK, i’ve made the test, in fact it’s the / racine