How to hide a alert

Hi, I want to Hide a alert if the varibale= true for my app. Is it possible?


Its not possible to Hide the alert using code.
Omly When a user pressed a button in the dialog it Will Hide.

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Hi there,

Luke is correct, you can’t dismiss an Alert with blocks once it has been displayed.

However, you can choose whether to show an Alert or not based on the value of variables.

For example, you could say
if variable = false
show Alert

With these blocks, if your variable = true, the Alert will not be shown.



Thanks @jane


I’m making a pop-up menu demo that could be used for custom alerts as well.

Why do you need an alert to hide when a variable value changes?

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Cuz The alert should not be seen if the user register in my app. @tatiang

That seems easy enough to do with the built-in Alert component. Just use an If/else block to check for registration and then display the alert if the user hasn’t registered.

That’s what @jane suggested above.


that’s what I did btw can plz check my other new topic… plzz @tatiang

I did

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