Showing Alert Problem

In the blocks below, I used Actech’s idea to check that all variables had valid values in them. I have also used alerts in other screens, but with this one I have to check whether one value is greater than another, and if true, show an alert. Have I done something wrong with these blocks?


Place the “if” block inside the LocalStorage.callGet block, check the compared values, and look in the documentation for how you can call Alert.

Thank you actech. I made the adjustment you suggested, and it still didn’t work. But I found the problem after 2 days. I simply hadn’t set the OK wording for the OK button. Very simple mistake, but don’t you think the developers would set the wording in the OK button to OK by default, and then let the user change it if needed? I have learned my lesson for today! :grinning:

That seems pretty reasonable! We’ll definitely consider that as a feature request.


i have a problem with the showing alert.

  1. I created a screen for simple data entry. I put a button to validate the field fill and subsequent recording in the firebase. I have not created the save for firebase yet.

  2. When I click on the button the message that returns me is not the message regarding the validation of the first field but an empty message. When I click the button again it returns the validation of the first field.

  3. When I fill in the name field and click the button the validation returns that the field is empty. I click the button again, it validates the next field.

  4. This situation occurs for all of the following validations. What is wrong?
    I am putting the code block and screens in the attachment.

The message is in portugues


The dialog does not work because you are using it incorrectly. You put the message in an expression that is triggered after the dialog is closed (“then do”), and you need to post the message before the dialog is displayed.

Actech, ok. I´ll changed this code. Thanks