How to get users to rate your app in app store

how can i create a pop up or something that can take users to my app store page and once they rate it then they get the reward item

You can show an Alert in your app asking users to rate your app.

If the Alert is confirmed, use the ‘open link’ block to open your app store listing.

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Jane can I kindly ask you to explain this a bit more.

I have tried to do this, but I cannot make it work…

open link gives me strange messages but perhaps I am trying to open the wrong url…

I need a solution for both Android and IOS.


maybe you can share your block so we can advise about your questioned.

@henrikhngj5 i can help

@ozel1978 , @vatsal
Please note the date of last post. You are trying to respond after 10 months. :thinking:

yes muneer i try to help. how disappointing someone if his problem no one reply.

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