Play Store, App Store and App Gallery in 5 days

Hi guys, I am bored in Lockdown in my country, so I decided to be productive by challenging my self to create a gamified affiliate app in 5 days.

Here is it fresh from oven
Play Store
App Store: ‎Mulai on the App Store
App Gallery:

With less than 24 hours approval rate for every single one,

Will keep you guys updated once it cross the milestone of 1,000 download

No expectation here, but looking forward for my first cross platform app performance

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Hi there,

Did you do that with Thunkable?

yep, but it’s probably worth pointing out that it’s a web viewer app so doesn’t use any of our UI components. (it does look nice though!)

I’m quite surprised you get it through Apple’s review process to be honest!


Yeah I am also surprised, it only took apple 12 hours to approve my app since submission,

Anyway I am looking forward to utilize UI Components more in the coming app, at least I am more confident now on deploying Thunkable App in multiple stores :smiley:


Opps I forgot to update here, we reached 1k downloads in August (approx. 1 month after it launches). Will keep updating our downloads soon. Thank you so much Thunkable for making our lives easier.