Calificaron Its possible to send an alert only if the user didn't rate the app?

I would like to send an alert to the user but only if he didn’t make a calcification yet… it is that possible with thinkable? Thanks!

There is nothing preventing you from setting an internal stored variable that is initially set to “false”, and that, when someone goes through your app to issue a rating, will switch the value to “true”.
Then, whenever you app is started, it could check the value, and if still “false”, issue the notification (which hopefully would not be too frequent, you do not want your app to be a ‘please rate me’ nuisance).

The problem is that this is independent from the actual rating, your Thunkable app has no direct way of checking if the rating by the use was actually done, so could still act as if a rating was not done, if it was not logged by the app itself. Also, someone could get the notification, and act as if he was going to rate, but ultimately not do it, and stop getting it because the app thinks he did.