How to get rid of "Exceed the quota for verifying password"?

I have been using Email login for firebase for my project.

Every time, when I run the live test, the app will check if there is stored email and password. If yes, it will log in automatically. However, I kept having the issue “Exceed the quota for verifying password”.

Does anyone how can I get rid of it? I have tried to look into the cloud console, as well as using VPN but still no luck.


Hey @infoim70on, welcome to the Community :wave:

My guess is you are noticing this when live testing and making a lot of updates. I just did a quick Google search and picked out these points:

  1. For the error you are facing “Exceeded quota for verifying passwords”, this usually happens when one sends requests for verifying passwords or password login requests too many times at once (more than 20 requests per second per IP address or 25 requests per 10 min per account). When we get a huge amount of requests in a short period of time, the limit is applied automatically to protect our servers.
  2. This is an internal quota (regardless of pricing plans) enforced by Firebase Authentication to prevent abuse when making authentication requests, for this reason the quota can change without notice.
  3. In order to avoid triggering this alert, you can use a different IP address or back off the number of requests per minute to something like 10-20, to avoid triggering the automated abuse detection.

If you are sending too many requests in a short period of time from the same IP address, then there is an expectation that you will get throttled at some point. This may prevent you from getting successful integration tests but there is a security benefit that comes with that.

Live Test Solution:
When you’re performing a lot of updates, click the back button on the top left of the Live Companion. This will exit the project and won’t eat into your password verifying quota.