How to get individual User data while they Sign in?

Need Expert Help !
I’m Creating an app where user will enter their Email, Name , Date Of Birth, Mobile Number , Password while sign Up.
So I want to create a database with this data.
But When they login with their account by email and password How can i get their Name and Other information.

Hello there,

A simple way to do this would to be during the sign-up process create fields in a database with their UID, this is specific to the user so you can get this data later.

For example, you could create fields like the ones shown below (but in your app):
UID-name: Joe
UID-birthday: 1/1/1990
UID-phone: (111)-111-1111

The UID is a output of the sign-in component.


Your Idea is Cool but How can i get that data when anyone sign in ?