How to get all images stored in gallery

how to get all the images that are in the gallery
help me please!!

Hello can you give us more information? You want to display all your images in a list is that right?

Have you already tried something?

i want to make a recycler app it stores images in my app and if they will delete in gallery it will be stored in my app


no not till now but i am thinking about it!

There is a very simple way.

First create a google sheet.

In column A 1 insert image
In column B 1 insert title


Then create a data viewer grid.

So I made the project for you but to configure it do like this

And click to create

Then go back to the data viewer grid

Now you are ready :smiley: Upload and enjoy

Remix this project :

can you share the project once again i was too late to see this

Either use
Local db

hey @kushweez i am asking again can you share the project once again so that i can see

sorry I had deleted the project, here it is I have recreated it
Don’t forget to bind the data viewer grid like I did on the gif above.

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Hey @kushweez interesting response. Curious, how does your solution cover the below requirement?

If I understand correctly, the pictures must be stored within the app however, I see that you are using a path which (though it does not show in full in your screenshot) points to the local filesystem’s DCIM or Pictures folder, right? So how do the pictures get “copied” in the app’s storage? Is this done in an “automatic” way since they get cached in the app’s storage when viewed in the app? Or is there a way to directly access the app’s storage?


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I tried and the photos remain in cache memory after deletion on thunkable live IOS