How to displat text with timer

How do i get to display from a spreadsheet in my app which will be triggered by a timer in my app

Please explain more about what you are trying to do. It’s helpful if you give an example.

My app is to display images of daily winners along with their names ,set a timer to trigger display at 15 secs interval
Right now the images are displaying but don’t know how to display text,asin the names of individuals…
This is what I’ve tried so far
The table

This is the block


Are you still looking for help? If so, what have you tried since then and what is/is not working?

Have you considered using a Data Viewer List or Data Viewer Grid? They can display images and text from a data source.

I want it to be displaying images and Text simultaneously, in the attach above is what ive done so,and yes i still need help

You’re getting the data source values in a really complicated way. I would either use the Get Value block or use a Data Viewer List.

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I would try out the get Value block,but I don’t think the Data Viewer will do what I want
What I want is the Celebrants picture and name to be shown at a specific time one after the other ,not all shown at ones.
Like a kind of slideshow stuff

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