How to delete records using for loop

How to delete all records for a condition
I use this block but it shows some error like this after deleting one record.
No _id property was specified in the provided row…

My purpose is to move all records to completed list table on a condition.


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why not answering?

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There is not enough info to answer.

In the Alert show the content of “j” as the Alert message.

I have to see the content of the row to tell you what is wrong.

Here I am trying to create a record from pending orderlist table to completed orderlist table and it is working fine. After creating I want to remove the same from pending orderlist table.
This also works but removes only one record from pending orderlist table.
j has the items from pending orderlist table and looped. I am using the same object for adding to completed orderList table and also for removing from Pending OrderList table.
I think now it is clear.

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No, not clear.

The error is talking about _id which is a key in the JSON of the row. Please show the content of the row by using my suggestion.

Ok Let us leave about this error
Can you please explain me how to move records from one table to another for a given field. For eg. I want to move all records from table a to table b for itemid = 5.

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Will make an example app and share it. This way will be clear.

Check this

When you choose a category, only rows of this category is being added to the table.


I removed all code and added freshly. I think now working.

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