How to create, name, save audio files using Audio Recorder?

Hi everyone, I am new to thunkable and trying to create a ‘communicator app’ where users can tap a ‘start/stop’ button, record a short message, name them, save them in local storage on the app, and access them in a list view. (On the list view screen it adds the new recording each time)

Wondering if anyone can help or has any examples of such apps that use audio recorder?

I figured out how to do the recording (below), but I am stuck on how to store it and present it on a list screen. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

welcome to our community @rachels1… i was working on a sound recorder if you want i can finish it some time and give you the source code

This might help a bit:


Try using a Stored Variable containing a list instead of local storage. It will be a lot simplier as you learn how Thunkable works.

As you app grows, I would recommend you look at using CLOUD variables and JSON objects using firebase. Although you can use the firebase GET as SAVE blocks, they can be complicated to use PROPERLY. The CLOUD variables are much easier to use and they save and get data in Firebase just like the GET and SAVE blocks.


Thanks! Yes that would be so helpful if you could!

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ok then i would complete it in a few time and provide you the source code

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Hi I am also trying to do this. Can you please let me know when you have completed your app?

i have done it
do you want it?

get the project at link

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Amazing thank you so much!

I notice after a days or so the audio file stops playing

Using this project I notice files stop playing after a days any idea why

i think thats a problem when you are storing audio file at that time also use cloudinary and save the url of it instead of sound
thanks @shemikax6dlc7a to report the problem

Wow I already published an app and have users might have to pull back that feature

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Nope not saving in local storage