Multiple audio recording?

If I use 1 sound component for saving my audio.
If I record 2 or more audios then I am able to listen only to my latest recording.
How do I sort them under a specific topic
eg. under tunkable I want details related to tunkable that i have recorded
similarly for other ones.
Is it possible?

Hi there,

How are you storing your sound files once you record them?

You could try saving the sound file to the Cloudinary media DB. This will return a URL that you can store in a list, to a Firebase Realtime DB, or a Data Source.


i am using the sound component and storing the audio file in that. Thats the reason im able to hear the latest recording.

But, i dont want my audio file to be shown in the list. in my list there r other details user entered. When, that item in the list is clicked whatever they recorded that the user should be able to play.

Hi there,

Can you show me the blocks you are using to store your files?

If you had a table with a sound title and a sound URL, you could have a data viewer in your app that lets a user click a sound title and play the sound from the corresponding URL.

A list is a storage format. It doesn’t mean that users will automatically see each item in the list, although you do have that option with a Data Viewer List.

If you add each sound url to a list, you can store many sounds that way and then retrieve them at any time.

this is how im saving my recorded audio to sound component

so you suggest to use a data viewer list instead of list viewer

Sorry, I meant list viewer. That was just an example, not something you have to do. If you want to display the items in a list, that’s the easiest way to do it. If you only want to display the last recorded sound, then there’s no need.

so basically user can record it while he/she is entering other infomation!
And when they click on save it should be shown in the list.
and when that specific item in the list is clicked the audio recording and the data entered under that specific item should be shown.
Hope i was cleared?

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I am already using list viewer for other stuff to be shown. And user can record audio under a specific item in the list. And when item in clicked that specific sound should be played on click on a button which was recorded.
Hope i was clear

and the same is happening for my data saved in the list. I just realized that the latest data which the user entered is being saved in all lists.