How to count any column repeated data

Hi Everyone,
I’m using air table and I want to count the repeated data.I have 2 type of data in column 1.Closed

I want count number of Closed and Open.

I have used length of column on condition but it’s showing all row count. !

Through the condition block if output showing in list viewer I’m getting prefect results but on count it’s not working

If anyone have idea please help or share example block.

Thank You


Try making a variable and increasing it every time you see a closed row.

Or get the length of the list when you’re done making it. Column is all the rows.


Why are you using Length of [column]

You want the count of the ones meeting the condition so use
Length of [app variable dataList]


Hi Thanks for revert,
@catsarisky actually i don’t have much knowledge about variable count even i will try .

@muneer if i am using {app variable data list } output is showing “0”

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Then it means something in you data that makes you condition false all the time.

Remember: both property names and values are case sensitive. So “Cell Status” and “User ID” should be exactly the way it is written in the Airtable table. The same for “Closed” and the user ID, if they are not the same case as in the table the condition fails.

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@muneer yes all values are same what i have written in Airtable .
Because the same condition i am using list viewer and getting proper output like How may ROWs have closed or open data its showing related rows only and both condition is getting true on list viewer.

hi @muneer
if i am using GetAllRow in place of GetColumn and i have used length of {app variable data list } its working and both condition is getting true.

Thanks you for your support,

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Now it’s better. With GetColumn the second condition (User ID) is always False because you are getting only “Cell Status”.

In the other hand, GetColumn return a normal list and you should not use Get property [Cell Status] of [j].

Glad that it is solved now.