How to calculate the length of row with specific value in a specific column

Hello Brother,
First take a look at the photo. I want to calculate the length of row containing value 1 in column ‘clm’ (red marked) and also containing value 2.

Could you please help me?

Hi, @farhadkubd1! :wave:

Do you want to calculate the length of the whole Column “clm”?

Thanks! :blush:


What are your difficulties? Can you get all the values from the selected Column? After that, distribute them across the list and use the sum block over the list entries.

whole column ‘clm’ but with individual value such on how many rows the ‘clm’ column contains value 1? please view the next photo. i have calculate it succesfully. but now i want to calculate with reference value 1 & 2 in column ‘clm’.


my difficulties is i cannot calculate the length of rows at ‘clm’ column. such as how many rows contains the value 1 at ‘clm’ column? and so for value 2.

You need to create a loop over all rows and in this loop do a check, if the cell value is 1, then add it to counter1. If the cell value is 2, then add it to counter2.

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