How to Connect the Spotify API and SDK to Create a Music Player


I’m trying to create a music player app, and I want to use the Spotify API to get information about the music (artist, song length, playlists etc), and allow users of my app to create playlists through the app. I want to use the Spotify Web Player SDK to play music in the app.

How would I go about connecting the Spotify API and SDK to my app? Is it possible?

Would I connect the API information to a data viewer list to display the information?

Would it make more sense to just make my own website using html and javascript that is connected to the spotify API and SDK, then connect it to the thunkable web viewer?



Today a read a old post about the same thing, thunkable had replied -

“We have a playlist on youtube about Web API”

Playlist Link - APIs - YouTube

Thanks for this, I’ve seen some of the web API videos but I’ve definitely not watched all of them. Do you have any idea how I could add the web playback sdk without having to create an entirely new website?

Well I have no idea about it, but in the description of the video I had seen a Github link to a list of 1000 APIs, listed by topic. See if you can find a music API.

Github Link: GitHub - public-apis/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.

Hey @fatouwaprbj,

This very much looks like it’s for web browsers:

The Web Playback SDK is a client-side JavaScript library which allows you to create a new player in Spotify Connect and play any audio track from Spotify in the browser via Encrypted Media Extensions. It’s the same technology we use to power our Web Player experience.

And specifically, mobile does not seem to be supported:

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 18.20.39

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Alright, thanks for this! Guess I’m going to have to keep trying to find a new solution!

No problem! Just a couple of questions for you as you continue to ideate around this:

  1. Who are you building your app for?
  2. How are you going to publish/distribute your app?

Or, in other words; what do your users need and how are you going to get it to them?

I’m building this app for a really big passion project for my school. The main target market for my app is teens and I’m hoping to publish my app on both the Google Play Store and App Store (given there aren’t any bugs lol).

Although playing music is important for my app, it’s really just one feature of it. Because it’s not the main focus, I’ve been using a Youtube embed player with 24/7 live mixes in the web viewer (think lo-fi for studying videos on youtube). It isn’t the best solution in a UI perspective, but because of my limited knowledge of coding it’s pretty much all I can do now.

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