How to make a Youtube API Music Player?


I’m new to Thunkable and I’m trying to create a music player app kind of like the Musi App and Stream Squid that uses the Youtube API to play music.

I tried to use playlist embed links in the web viewer component, but it doesn’t work for certain videos. I get a screen that looks like this

How would I go about either using the Youtube Data API or Youtube Player API to incorporate YouTube Playlists on my app like Musi or Stream Squid? If it’s not possible, what other options do I have to create a music player without downloading a bunch of MP3 files?


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Check this from @Darren

Thanks for the video! I had a quick run through, but it looks like it makes you exit the app to go to YouTube and the selected video. Is there a way I could play the YouTube video inside my app like the Musi app?

you can use web viewer instead open link block

I’m currently using the Webviewer and change URL components that picks randomly from a list of playlist. My blocks look like this:

The blocks and the links work perfectly, it’s just that YouTube isn’t allowing the video to play in my app

Why would Youtube allow this? From your first screenshot it looks like your using web testing - is that right?

Have you tried installing your app yet?


Yeah I have been using a youtube embed link in the web viewer to play the videos. I’ve tried installing my app, but even then I can’t play the videos.

Should I keep trying to use Youtube to play music, or should I find another platform to do so?

I’d have a read of their terms and conditions - perhaps there’s a paid version of the API for streaming music?

Since the business model for their free service revolves around serving ads to listeners I wouldn’t think that they’d just let developers bypass this.

I’m not a YouTube expert, that’s just an educated guess.