How to close a screen?

Hello. I searched the forum and concluded that in Thunkable Classic (for Android) there was a “close screen” block. In Thunkable X (Android and iOS) this block is removed (for the sake of developer so he doesn`t get confused?).

I have made splash screen where I show “loading bar” for few seconds (really just a timer and row component) and after splash screen it changes to authorization screen. How to close previous screen, so it doesn`t “eat” phones resources for nothing?

Dont give me solution where you need to set "invisible" components. In the end, the app will use unnecessary resources and in development, its really wrong! It will slow down the app.

Thank you in advance!

I wouldn’t say it was removed because Thunkable X has never had this block in the first place.

Have you tried the navigate to screen block? That’s the only way to switch screens.
However, the docs don’t say whether it closes the previous screen or not…

The block was in Thunkable Classic.
By the way, I use “navigate to screen” block, but it only goes to another screen and leaves previous screen open.
There must be “close” block.

P.S. My blocks, if interested

How do you know that the previous screen is still open?

By pressing back button (on Android)