How to clear cache in web viewer?

Hi, just trying out the IOS.

Unfotunately i didn’t find clear cache function in IOS webviewer. Is there a way to clear the cache and refresh the page?

Thunks very much…

Hey @Adi_Nugroho - we don’t have a way to manually do this with the blocks in the app.

Can I ask why you need (needed?) this feature for your project?

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Because my app is using webviewer and need to delete cache periodically from the webview, since it’s an event schedule app which updated in every 30 minutes.

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Sounds really interesting @Adi_Nugroho,

Can you share any screenshots with us?

Is there any chance that something like the WebAPI component would be a better fit for this project?

Currently I’m not a coder, I use eventon plugin in my website to show with webview.

Got it.

So if you refresh it should just load a new page or new set of events, right?

I have the exact same problem, mostly with my CSS.

The PHP/HTML code is nicely refreshed but the CSS takes time as mentioned by Adi.


Found a solution, I went to Thunkable live app in the android settings and into the storage section and hit the clear cache button… pyh, finally I can test my latest updates…