How to clear a checkbox list to reset?

I have a DVL with checkboxes to multiple select, and once the page is submitted, all input values are reset so the page is “blank” to fill in again. I have managed to clear all the fields on the page except for 2, which are set up the same.

Attached are the blocks I used to create the DVL, and a screenshot of my clearing blocks. The 2 empty fields near the bottom are the troublesome ones.

I have tried “empty list” but nothing clears, and I’m not sure what else to try.

Any advice?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you talking about these?


You should be able to clear a Simple List by setting those to the [empty list] block. Those are related to a Simple List component, not a Data Viewer List component.

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I have tried the “empty list” block, but the checkboxes are still marked.

A Simple List doesn’t have checkboxes. Something doesn’t add up here. If you’re using a DVL, you won’t have a block for text items. If you’re using a Simple List (aka List Viewer), you won’t have checkboxes.

Can you share a link to your project?

If not, then a screenshot of the “component tree” on the left sidebar of the Design tab might be helpful to see.

They are Simple Lists with radio buttons - my mistake for saying checkboxes.

I tried the empty list block as well as the block to set to unselected button.

I guess I don’t understand this at all. Simple Lists do not have radio buttons. But also, when I set your EFFECTS_Viewer’s text items manually in the properties panel, I don’t see any text:

So that needs to be fixed before you address the other issues.

I followed another project to do the radio buttons in the list; I’ll try to find it and post the link so you see where I started. Thunkable. This was a similar project, but I can’t find the original - there are a lot of dead links for examples.

My text in the list is in the blocks; I didn’t do it through the right-side pane.

I am doing most of this trial and error - I find some info on how to do it, but then I need to try to fill in the blanks. Obviously, not always right. lol

What I’m trying to tell you is that in order to debug the Simple Lists, I should be able to type into the properties panel (I never use that either except for simple troubleshooting) and see the content on the screen. But I can’t. So something you’ve done is hiding the text or the Simple List itself in editing mode.

I have no idea why you can’t do that, so I don’t know what to check to fix it.

I’ve been trying to figure this out all weekend and I’m stuck. I can’t find the original tutorial I used as it’s not available anymore, and I’ve done what I can with my limited knowledge of Thunkable. I tried starting those components over again (Terpene and Effect), and all I’ve managed to do is get further from my goal. :frowning:

EDIT: To add screenshots of where I am now, with the Terpenes component. I see the text in the panel on the right, the list shows up when I click the Terpene button. The list is plain, no radio buttons. If I click on any row, it switches to showing only 2 radio buttons, no text.

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