How to calculate BMI with output in Image and text that interpret the BMI result and set the condition with age

Hello every one,
I build the app related to nutritional status and I would like to calculate the nutritional status of user by using variable age, weight and height, for adult > 19 yrs we use BMI which have forrmular (weigh / height2) but if it children < 5 yrs we will using Z-score, it is possible to set the calculation to use difference formular in the same text input?
I would like the output to show according to the BMI and Z-score result, Ex: if BMI > 40 ==> show the picture of obese and show the text obese, if BMI = 30.0-40.0 then show the result of overweigh picture and text overweight; if age < 19 using another formula ; if age < 5 yrs calculate Z-score ,…
thank you in advance for all opinion and help
thank you very much

You can either use an if/else block for this or you can use a test block. Both can be found in the Control drawer.

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