The Health App - A all in one app - do leave comments!

THE HEALTH APP :walking_man:
This app helps you check your BPM, Amount of water you have consumed, Body Mass Index (to see how healthy you are), and converts height into pounds and feet…
It is all in one app…
Hope you like it and please do leave comments so I know where I am going wrong!



Hello,There are many apps like this because this is not original concept,I think you copied from the coding class Whitehatjr

Very few apps are an original concept. Most “new” apps are just existing apps repackaged.

yes but This App is a copy and the EXACT same thing

i already made this same app in a coding class

Oh, I thought there might have been some small differences.

only designing

ya i also made same type of app in coding class

i think he took ui help from teachers of whitehatjr

May I know what did you kept in the’ output bmi’?
I mean which component you used?