App Weighing baby monthly Firebase and Show graph

Hello everyone this is my biggest project KMS Weighing monitoring growing baby i ever made and i want to share knowledge, you can edit this as you want, this app has 2 rule user and admin which admin have full authentic edit, you can login and register this app just have limit 60 month of growing show graph and show the baby is good, or bad. actually this app was implement for arduino which read sensor loadcell and ultrasonic realtime database , thank you so much all you guys ,i hope you can enjoy , sorry for my bad english lol :grin:!


Congrats @ikesi20205kioa - thank you for creating this and sharing it with our community.

How long did it take you to research and develop this app? What was your motivation for creating this fantastic project?


This is awesome! Nice work!! How long did this take to complete?