How might I build a video calling app with thunkable?

I’m trying to add a video calling feature to an app that I am building and there are a few potential hacks that I have explored but nothing that feels natural to the application

I’d appreciate any ideas or suggestion for how I could handle this, thanks.

@Nenye, can you tell us a bit more about the “potential hacks” that you have looked at already?

Are you trying something like Web RTC?

Yeah web RTC. One of the potential hacks that I thought about was having using a webview to add a video chat website and use a random code generator to generate its url

Yeah, if it is possible it will be through some work-around like this, since we don’t have a component that will support this natively.

You might want to take a look at the “post” and “receives” blocks in the webviewer if your are trying to pass data back and forth between the web viewer and the app

Alright thanks

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Yeah, read the API documentation for WebRTC. I would load only the video feed itself in a webview component, but leave the API calls as blocks instead of using the WebAPI component, not even bothering with trying to extract data from webview. Leave the end button, mute, and other UI buttons on the app.


Have a look at NextCloud. I think it’s FOSS so you can self-host and might be able to tap into the API - it does have an official app already, but you could build one off of that as it has video calling.

It’s pretty good and must be secure as it looks like the German Federal Government (or at least part of it) uses NextCloud (presumably instead of Office365).

Alternatively not sure if you can use the canvas somehow? But I’m sure your best bet is to use WebRTC like StartShare said, but with Firebase?

For example:

…Could even build in Auth via Firebase as well?

Oh and there’s always the free Google Meet, the Enterprise version Netflix execs use for their payment talks, so that’s got to be pretty secure! You can have an app that creates Meet links via API and shares them or something?


Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out

Don’t think of webviewer for your proposed video call yet. It does not work. I think there is still audio and video permission issue. I had to manage with openlink block meanwhile in my own project and I also have the same fear of possible url hacking. I have raised the issue here before and requested for feature update but no fix yet. I tried integrating web RTC. See this example:
If you find help, it will benefit me.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use WebAPI blocks to do your authentication calls and get auth tokens and what not, then load the video feed… just some thoughts. Best of luck!

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The best feature perhaps is the ‘control’ available to manage the layout of the application such that each member can see and hear. Support any platform integration – iOS or Android, along with mobile integration and web application integration. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) and Peer 2 Peer connections are easy to set up with this API.

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In browser video chat is definitely possible. For example, accomplishes this in browser on mobile phones.

I wonder if Jitsi would work. :thinking:

Before 5 years I build an android app using firebase for Auth and for signaling and used one of the free stun/turn servers and used it with my family

WebRTC is the best and it is free it even better than skype

If you use WebRTC you not will not look to any other providers

The problem lay in the Turn servers it is not a problem to set a server but it will cost more while your app is growing

For production app you need to have your won server


If you are building a video calling app then you’ll need firebase, camera, and video calling features
you can set up your firebase over here

Hi friend
Have you tryed the CameraViewer extension by Life Inventor?
Apparently it’s possible to make videochat with just a horizzontal arrangement and firebase d using Base64 data.

Check this other community topic here and let me know if it worked [Free] Material Cards + Camera Viewer (SPONSORED!)

Quick disclaimer, The free version of the extension allows only front camera usage and no audio but it’s more than enough for prototyping.

Hey @first.dmarcebr71 :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion, but this extension is for Classic it’s not compatible with the current version of Thunkable.