How many apps you made?

Hello guys how many apps you will me make and on its a publish on the playstore ?
I make a 7 apps and publish it


I made 4 apps and publish 2 of them. They are live on play store. If you want install my app, please take look at this topic :point_down:

My apps and news on play store

Nice app


I made 15 and publish 11 apps

great! can you share your apps links please


Thank you

I like it! :slightly_smiling_face: But the question is you told that you published 11 apps but I can only see 2

Thanks, l’m still learning

Oh l’m so sorry mybe it caused l set another app just for my country. Available in Indonesia only

Thanks for the response!

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I have 2 apps but I am not sure about which blocks I need for my AdMob banner ad. Any Ideas as for the correct way to make AdMob work.

It’s helpful to you

i have developed 67 apps so far. 8 on playstore.


I have made so many apps, that i stopped counting :smiley: i got 2 apps on play store :slight_smile:


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