How do you work with groups in the new UI?

@neuheisser @domhnallohanlon
How did you get the button inside the Group1. Its really annoying that you got rid of col and row. Then you got rid of dragging and dropping in the screens list.

Trying to figure out how Group works the (?) doesn’t work. For responsive design I work in percentages, positioning seems all exact.

Once you get past the new slick UI its a big step backwards.

Really easy, just put the group on the workspace, and put the button into it, much easier than rows and collumns :slight_smile:

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That is the simple use case, but its not the normal use case when your working with a layout this workspace drag and drop is insane to work with because its hard to tell what group your about to drop it in and most of the time it gets dropped in the wrong group.

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Can you try again please and let us know what you think?



Sorry, but I won’t use this new drag and drop editor. It’s buggy, doesn’t support everything, and performance wise is much slower in Chrome. I’m sure it is a great fix, but there was no need to create a drag and drop editor in fact there was more need to improve the orginal.

If you improved automative actions like when you duplicated it brought over all aspects. If you allow copy and pasting of blocks across different screens. Fixed the many saving bugs, graphical bugs, support horizontal scrolling, improve custom grid layouts, oh man would this original editor be killer! I have hope you’ll keep improving the current interface and I’ll keep being a paid user.

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I know it’s only one aspect of all the things you mentioned but it is possible (at least in the snap-to-place interface) to copy and paste blocks between screens.

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Thanks for pointing it out. Just tried it, awesome!

Hope you’re doing amazing @tatiang been a while.


You’re welcome! I’m doing well, thanks. :slight_smile: