Does the new UI support component tree re-ordering?

Please support list ordering drag and drop also like before. :pray:

Hi - I can’t recall what this is off the top of my head. Can you give me an example please?

I could be wrong but I think is referring to the ability to drag a component in the list in the Design tab to move it into/above/below another component such as a row.

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yes. in the component tree, you could organize components a little easier. you still can, it just is harder and doesnt make as much sense now.

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Ability when clicking and dragging on an element to be able to drop it inside a row or col. In this case being able to drop elements inside groups, to nest elements inside groups. It adds structure to your project and better control over elements.

In the screenshot you can see i’m attempting to drag the Label 2 but it won’t let me drop it into Group2. This is intuitive and quick for me to do in the previous UI. Please enable this behavior. :pray:

Doing this in the NEW UI it doesn’t respond. Instead you have to do it on the Screen and every time it drops in the wrong group.

Got it, thanks (and @tatiang for triaging!)

As @nradjt74jatz points out, it’s still possible but it doesn’t work the same as in the legacy UI. As far as I understand, we’re working to improve the UX for this.

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