How Do You Make Your Device Store Information

im making a social media app and i want a persons profile picture and persons name saved to person device i used photolibrary to get picture in that profile picture button im a rookie but i love programming with thunkable here are my blocks tell me what am i doing wrong and the blocks i used what does it mean and how are they wrong thanks in advance


It is not what you are doing wrong, it is what you are not doing yet.

I presume the screenshot is supposed to be how the app look, but what does it look like in Design mode?
Did you set all the backgrounds with black colour? Or defaulted to an image file that does not exist?

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i made the screen black on purpose i want the block or teach me blocks i would need to store persons profile picture name and other informatioin

Except that you are in debug phase, so it would be nice to see what it is that is happening.

When you are ready to go production, you can change the colour to the stylish one. But right now, cut yourself some slack.

what? i dont even care about design right now i want to save persons data i want them to click on profile picture circle and then photo library opens they set picture to the circle and it gets saved in cloud and when they open app any time or whenever the profile picture is there unless it is changed im experimenting with blocks can you tell me if im doing it right?

it says get local storage but it i changed it to realtime db

can you guide me


We cannot see what you app is doing because you made it ALL BLACK.
We have no idea which is your profile picture button, what are the other components, you did not provide a picture of the design with the settings the components have.
How can we help if we don’t see what is going on?

And one thing you are not doing right is using punctuation.

Here are my friends
comma: "’, "
period: β€œ.”
semi colon: β€œ;”

Now that you have been introduced, start using them. 'K?

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