How do I decode a URI?

I need to decode a URI and have not found a way to decode or create one. Can you help me?
Here is an example of URI: %40%23%24%3F
(?$#@ :After decryption you’ll need to get)

Hi @point, there aren’t any built-in blocks to do this natively unfortunately.

I had a look for an API you could use, but couldn’t find one (that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though!)

What’s your use case for this? Perhaps you can build your own using Text blocks?

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That was my problem: and found her a solution but he could not fit in with a thunkable. (The problem does not exist in thunkable but I have an existing application in another builder and I want to connect their database)

I would be happy if you could help me find a way to do this because I do not know how to use the API

It sounds like you’re not using Thunkable?

I use thunkable x but I moved some of my projects to kodular because you will probably close the classic version. Anyway my question is about thunkable x


do you need to decode only certain characters or all possible (a-z A-Z etc.)?

Can you give an example of the string to be decoded?

Here is an example of URI: %40%23%24%3F
(?$#@ :After decryption you’ll need to get)

Method one

Make a table of correspondence between symbols and codes, and then replace the codes with symbols

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