Base64 in new thunkable?

Does anyone know how to use Base64 decode and encode, we can’t also use extensions…

Can anyone? It’s urgent :sweat:

@eoinparkinson may be able to assist.

@actech has posted a solution in the past as well I believe.

You’ll need to either use JavaScript and the webviewer and pass info back and forth with that.


You’ll use an api and do the same without coding it yourself


@actech’s example app works for this, he’s done a great job on this. I’ve copied his solution but created my own api just to make sure I’m not relying on 3rd party solutions for my app to function. If you want to use my endpoint you may:

My endpoint goes inactive after 30 mins of no use. It will take a few seconds to restart upon a wake up request. Add your url at the end. It must be a direct link to the image.

Either way, actech’s solution and endpoint will work perfectly. I’m sure he will post a link here.


scrBase64 in


This project is very complicated… Is there any other better way?