How do I add a timer to my game, which you can change before the user starts the game

In my app, I want the game/s to be able to go for a certain amount of time, also I want the amount of time to be changeable before the game starts and to have a small icon or text label, which counts down till the game is over.

Many Thanks, Levi

Start by Googling countdown timer Thunkable. There are several video tutorials in the results.

Hi Levi,

Grab a timer component from design panel (left)

Set the timer, add a slider, a label to show your value, and set the slider as the time. Once GO is hit, your time selected will start.

Ok, thanks I will Try That. :slight_smile:

Basically, I would like this section of blocks to loop every minute, how would I make it so that every minute it runs and continues for like 30 minutes?

Here is what I had at the start.

Here is what I have now, is this what you meant:

Many Thanks, Levi

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Because this way hopefully the timer will continue for a minute, then send off the location etc, and then go though again after a minute.

You should never use forever and Timer together. Replace the forever block with a Fire event of the timer which will be a separate block not inside the on Map Ready block.

You need to set the timer to whatever interval you like.

In the On Map Ready block you should but the block Timer Start.

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Ok, Thanks for your reply, I will try that.

I have everything except for the “Fire event of the timer” block, I genuinely can’t find it for the life of me, everything else I have though, so once I get that block I should work.

Sorry for any inconvenience, Many Thanks, Levi.

From the documentation:

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Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 3.48.07 pm

Like this?

And then I just put my other location sensor blocks in after.

So it is correct?

Awesome, Thanks For your help let me just test it to make sure it works first.

Also, how should a incorporate a loop to this so that it repeats every min?

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Whatever blocks you put in here will loop every time the timer fires (every 60000)

Thanks, I will try this. Many MEGA THANKS, Levi. :grinning:

Does this look correct?

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Does it start automatically? Or do I have to add a button that tells it to start?

The “call timer’s start” block should not be inside the “when timer fires” block. It should be inside a “when screen opens” block unless you want to start the timer using a button.

Ok, that makes more sense, I will try that, Many Thanks, Levi

Here is what I have got and it seems to work, does everything look correct to you?

Don’t close this topic yet, I just need to test it a lot more first.