How do I add a timer to my game, which you can change before the user starts the game

I’m not able to spend time looking over blocks to see if anything looks wrong. If you notice something not working and can provide details and screenshots or a project link I may be able to take a look and find the cause.

I also don’t use timers and find them confusing so I’m not the best person to help you.

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Ok, Sounds good.


All timer blocks should be out of the Fire block.

Setting the timer intervals and timer loop property should be outside of the Timer Fire event.

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Oh, ok, Thanks, I will try to fix that today. Many Thanks, Levi

So something more like this where I have just added the marker placing elements underneath.

When I do it like this it does not place the markers for like 5 minutes. When it should only take a max of like 70 seconds.

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How many times should I say timer blocks should not go inside the fire event



Also, you do not need two different timers. You only need one timer that fires and then completes all of the steps in your blocks in the order you now have them.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding, this is my first app and I am still learning, Thanks for your help with everything, I will try what you have said today.

Thanks, Levi

Here is what have done now, I have moved the Timer Blocks outside of the fire event.

Does that look better?

I would ask… does it work?

The thing that is confusing about your blocks is that when you are fixing one problem, you change the blocks and create another problem. Of course that’s going to happen when you are learning a new way of coding but… it takes the control variable away because now you’ve changed multiple things and there’s no way of knowing which change helped or made things worse. It’s better to change one thing and see if that fixes a specific problem.

You’re now using a list (app variable userlat) to add a marker to the map. Before (look at your screenshot above), you were using a list item (in list app variable latlist get #i). The “latitude” and “longitude” properties expect numeric values (items) not lists.

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Ok, I agree, I will go and test this out, and try some more things myself because I don’t want to bother you guys. But yes, I will do a lot more testing a researching myself, and leave the hard problems I find for the forum topics. :slight_smile: Thanks For Your Help @tatiang and @muneer .


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