[Solved] Creating Visible Timer

Hello again I Have a New Question I am Trying to Make the Timer Visible using a Variable.
here is what i have


Thank You BTW for Everyone who answered My Last Question

Oh and I Just Need some sort of visible counter, Unfortunately i dont understand how to use the WEB - API Blocks

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Do you want something like this? -

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need to see blocks, its for an app

First, tell me that

:arrow_right: Do you want to make a timer like the above .gif image?

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I am Not sure it would depend on how it works

I would like it to be visible via a label

Hi there,

In this Thunkable Clicker sample app, you can see blocks that start a Timer when the game starts, and count down to 0.


Thank You Very Much You have Help greatlly

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If you could could you show me one that counts up via a label so I can use it in a game.