How can you make use of the "set [Stage1's] image number to [1]" block?

As stated above, I’m wondering how said block is used.Screenshot

It says “set the background image of stage to the specified item on the list”, if you keep the cursor on said block for long enough, but I’m not quite sure which list it is referring to. My guess is, that it refers to a picture list similiar to the sprite’s one. If I open the stage’s design though, there is no such picture list.
Hence, I would like to know, if I just overlooked it or if it doesn’t exist. And if the latter was true, I would like to kinow, if there is any other way to change the stage’s background - not the canvas’s nor the screen’s - using blocks.

Thank you for yout help!

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Hmm…there is a bug with that block. Normally you could add multiple pictures to the “background picture” property of the stage to switch the background image.

We’ll probably get it fixed in our next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, thanks!

Hello I’m trying to do same. Was this fixed?