How to set canvas/stage background picture with camera picture?


I’m creating a doodle app for small kids. i would like to know how to take a pic and set the camera pic as a canvas/stage background image so that kids can doodle on it?

thanks in advance!

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Based on my understanding, this is not possible. I believe all of the pictures that you want to use have to be loaded ahead of time. Here is an issue similar to it regarding sprites. Something you might be able to try is adding a picture, and then try overlapping the canvas over the picture? Haven’t tried it, but might be worth a shot. Is it possible to assign sprite image using blocks at runtime?

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Do you think this is possible as in my knowledge I have never come across anything like this?

I took another shot and thought I had an idea, but it didn’t work. I was trying to find a way to set the canvas background color to transparent and then set the screen background image to the photo. Here was my test project, but no luck on my end. Maybe you see something I don’t. Thunkable


When I tested a month ago, the canvas background could not be made transparent.


That’s right! Even I tried to make the canvas transparent. But it didn’t work.


thank you so much! As a workaround I uploaded the images in as canvas background. The student is happy! :smiley:


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