Draw on photograph taken

Hello, I would like to be able to make a tool that allows you to draw on a taken photo. However, no block allows you to do this.
I had an idea but I can’t find the solution. It’s to upload the photo taken to the application so that it can then be displayed as wallpaper on the canvas. Someone can help me ? The answers I found on the forum are not clear… and don’t really help me

Can you give us some sample code please.

No, I can’t write you an example of code because I don’t know how to do it. I would like to succeed in finding a way to make an application with a tool allowing you to take a photo and then draw on it like some existing applications in the app stores.

I think this could work with an image component behind a canvas with a transparent background.

@matt_conroy Is there a reason why the transparent background appears opaque/white when testing in Thunkable Live? This project (see first screen) is not a fully-formed demo yet but when I live test it, it looks like this:


It also seems that it’s impossible to set an alpha (opacity) value lower than 100 (100%) for the stage’s background color. When I enter a different number such as 25 and press tab, it reverts immediately to 100. Is this a bug?

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Thanks for flagging this. I will take a look and see what might be going on.

Actually, I don’t understand because it is impossible to create a canvas with a transparent background. The background must necessarily have a color. I don’t understand why there is not the possibility in the canvas to be able to put a transparent background to finally be able to draw transparently on a photo taken.

The stage’s background color seems to allow for an opacity setting of 0 (which would be transparent) but it’s not working correctly. Thunkable Staff is looking into the problem so we’ll need to wait to see when they can fix it.

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I’ll bump this to our dev team again. It looks like this was previously reported here back in mid-2022. Apologies for this inconvenience here.

Even without a sprite, just the canvas does not allow it to be transparent even if it is empty.
It seems to be impossible to draw on a canvas with a transparent background (which would indeed allow you to draw on a photo in the background with a transparent canvas on top). If you find a solution I’m interested :slight_smile:

You’ve repeated this a few times. Are you aware that the Thunkable Staff are looking into the problem you’ve described?

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I wasn’t sure if the problem I described was understood as I don’t speak English well. I’m using a translator. I thank the thunkable team in any case for taking this time to study this problem. Thank you so much

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Hello, I don’t know if the problem has been resolved because I saw in the release notes that this is noted:
“Fix issue with rendering Sprite opacity in Canvas tab”
I still have the same problem. Is this normal?
I thank you in advance

@team.eps.numeriqueg That is a different issue. The issue we are having with the transparent canvas background being opaque has been acknowledged by our Product team but we don’t have any timeline for a fix yet, however. I’ll have to update you here if I receive any news.

Perfect, thank you. I didn’t know if it was a note to say that the fix had been done or if it had only been declared. Thank you a lot. Good day