Moving Sprites between Stages?


I wrote a tutorial for students where they build a multi-stage game app: CS 107: thunkable - Unit 3 Lesson 3: Maze!

I see there is a block under Canvas → Move that indicates that you can move a sprite to a different stage:

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 10.06.56 AM

I tried to utilize this block to move a ball sprite to another stage, but I was unsuccessful.

There isnt documentation for this block in the thunkable guide.

Here is the project I am working with: Thunkable

Any suggestions for moving sprites between stages is much appreciated!

Hello I am having the same issue glad to see that someone else has this question.
I agree with you that there is not enough Documentation explanation with certain issues.
I do have a question to add about the stages and the blocks. because the fact that add a 2nd stage but cant organize the sprites for that stage via “set “sprites’s” x/y to #” is really confusing.
I also don’t know how to add/edit sprites for stage 2 because in the drop down menu on the left it shows that there are sprites on stage 2, when i cant see them.
Stage 2 sprites Thunkable

Also do you guys have a discord?
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It may be loading

Its been like that for hours

I urge you to use polite words. The community are all users and we have not committed to answer all questions.

It is much better to be appreciative of what you are getting here for free than just complaining about something that we are not responsible to provide to you.


you are messed up with replacing the stage(stage1 to stage2)

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Your Right i am sorry.

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Thank you super-coder. What do you mean i messed up with replacing a stage?