How can I show the result of the calculation in screen2, if the input data are in screen 1?

I’m creating a mathematics application. There are many variables and data, so I would like to set the screen 1 for them. Then the result of the calculation will be shown on screen 2. Please advice and show me for the example. watch this :slightly_smiling_face:


To get started, put on the screen a little data and make an application with them. Can you draw what should be on screen 1 and screen 2 after the calculations? I have a great thought, but I need to see what you want to do.

Hi actech

This is an example. Actually, there are about 10 data for input on screen 1 and result of 7 equations to show on screen 2.
Some equation also needs the value from the spreadsheet.

On screen 1, you create 10 input fields, 10 global variables of type “app”, a block for receiving data from the SpreadSheet, and a Calculate button.

In the event handler of the Calculate button, you need to assign the values ​​of all 10 input fields to 10 global variables and then go to screen 2 (you can use the Stack type navigator).

When displaying screen 2, you need to make blocks of expressions using global variables that already contain the field values ​​and data from the SpreadSheet. After that, display the result of the calculations on the screen using Labels.

Do you understand this approximate algorithm?

Thank you for your advice.
I don’t know how to use stack type navigator.
Could you please show the example.

For global variables, you means I have to use the first block, the initialize variable to, right?

Docs for Stack navigator

Yes, assign a block to the initialization block with the initial value. This can be a block with the number 0.