How can i share text on an image with each other?

I made an application but I can’t solve this problem. I have an image and labels are on it and i want to share that but I cant. Because share component shares label as a text and image as a picture but I want to share text on image. Please help me…

Can you put the image and labels in a canvas and then use the Image of Canvas block to generate a screenshot?

See this:

I looked. So i decided to learn using canvas . I tried one thing and it is working . Thank you so much.

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How can i put the image and labels

Click the edit canvas button /canvas next to blocks.
From there you can add either a Sprite(image) or canvas label.


I tried but i can see just image because label is behind of image :frowning:

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Components can be dragged up and down the “component tree” on the left side of the screen. The list is layered meaning that something above another component will appear on top of that component on the screen/canvas.


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